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Om Technical Solutions is a reliable company that deals in Measuring Instruments, Gas Field Related Products, Steam Turbines, Phonon Emission Detector, Insulation Resistance Meter, and Electrical Testing Instruments, applicable in power plants, electricity companies, refineries, chemical industry, oil & gas industry, and other industries. Under the guidance of the founder Mr. Timir Rasik Doshi, our team of engineers, procuring staff, sales & marketing personnel are engaged in buying, promoting, selling and delivering our range as well as rendering installation and commissioning services to clients. Some of our clients include HPCL, Essar, NPCIL, Reliance Group, Tata POWER, L&T, Toshiba and Godrej.

Our Products and Services

Our company acknowledge all trade ethics to provide our clients top quality Electrical Testing Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Steam Turbines, Turbines Spares, Gas Field Related Products at best available prices. Our comprehensive range of products by known brands and services is mentioned below:

  • Product for Captive Power Generation
    • Turbine
    • Single Stage Turbine Bt4 And Bt6
    • Multistage Turbine Mbt6
    • Pressure Reducing Turbine Prt6 Prt4 And Prt8
    • Multistage Condensing Turbine Bct6
    • Steam Turbine
    • Turbine For Captive Power Plants
    • Impulse Turbine
    • Reaction Turbine
    • Pressure Reducing Turbine
    • Pressure Reducing Station
    • Extraction Turbine
    • Condensing Turbine
    • Extraction Cum Condensing Turbine
    • Condensing Cum Extraction Turbine
    • Back Pressure Turbine
    • Single Stage Turbine
    • Multi Stage Turbine
    • Low Pressure Turbine
    • Controlled Extraction Turbine
    • Uncontrolled Extraction Turbine
    • Saturated Turbines
    • PRT
  • Atmos International
    • Leak Detection System
    • Theft Detection System
    • Pipeline Leak & Theft Detection System
    • Rupture Detection For Pipeline
    • Portable Leak And Theft Solution
    • Detects Leak Quickly
    • Locate Leak Accurately Device
    • Atmos Pip
    • Atmos Wave
    • Atmos Wave Flow
    • Atmos Sim Leak Detection
    • Atmos Pig Point
    • Surge Analysis
    • Detection System In Aviation System
    • Detection System In Chemical Industries, Oil & Gas Industries
    • Pipeline Integrity
    • Pipeline Inspection
  • Diatech
    • Phonon Diagnostic Test
    • For All Ndt Testing & Safety
    • Non Destructive Testing
    • Phonon Inspection Testing
    • PDT
    • PET
    • Phonon Emission Transducer
    • Safety Of Pipelines
    • Safety For Nuclear Power Plant
    • Safety For Hydro-power Plant
    • Integrated Non Destructive Testing
    • Oil And Gas Pipeline Inspection
    • Oil Platforms And Rigs Inspection
    • Offshore NDT Inspection
    • Furnace Boiler Inspection
    • Equipment Of Petrochemical Oil And Coal Industries
    • Foundation Bridges Tunnel
    • City Gas Networks
    • Tanks Pressure Vessels And Other Capacitive Equipments
    • Real Time With High Precision Testing Equipments
    • 100% Coverage For Testing
    • Production Zer Shutdown Testing Equipments
    • Integrated Diagnostic Testing
    • Pipeline Integrity
    • NDT Inspection
    • Reservoir NDT Inspection
    • Real Time Monitoring Of Pipeline & Reservoir
  • Installation & Commissioning
    • Electrical Testing Instruments
    • Measuring Instruments
    • Oil Field Related Products
    • Gas Field Related Products
  • Bender
    • Insulation Monitoring
    • Insulation Fault Locating Device
    • Residual Current Monitoring
    • Neutral Grounding Resistance Monitoring
    • Power Quality And Energy Measurement
    • Measuring and Monitoring Relay
    • Fast Acting Relays
    • Isolating Transformer
    • Medical Isolation Panel
    • Power Analyser
    • DC Earth Locator
    • AC/DC Earth Fault Locator
    • NGR Monitoring Relay
    • Standby Load Monitoring
    • Incipient Fault Monitoring
    • Healthcare Panel
    • Railway Signal Monitoring
    • Unearth System & IT System
    • Trailing Cable Protection
  • Qualitrol
    • Dissolved Gas Analyser
    • Smart Breather For Transformers
    • Partial Discharge Monitoring
    • Online Transformer Bushing Monitor
    • Disturbance Fault Recorder
    • Online Transformer Gas Monitor
    • Gas Chromatography Instrument For Transformer
  • Radiodetection
    • Cable And Pipe Locator
    • Cable Avoidance Tool
    • Under Ground Metal Detector
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Cable Route Locator
    • Cable Route Tracer
  • Intereng
    • DC Test Set - Hipot Test Kit
    • Cable Fault Locating Van
    • Time Domain Reflectometer
    • Cable Fault Pinpointing
    • Surge Generator
    • VLF Test Generator
    • Cable Fault Locator
  • Midel
    • Ester Transformer Fluid
    • Transformer Oil
    • Fire Proof Transformer Oil
    • Synthetic Organic Ester Oil
    • Dry Type Transformer Equipment Solutions
    • K3 Class Synthetic Ester Oil
    • K Class Transformer Oil / Fluid
    • Natural Ester
  • Klauke
    • Hand Held Hydraulic Cable Crimping & Cutting Tools
    • Hand Held Battery Powered Hydraulic Cutting & Crimping Tool
    • Battery Operated Crimping Tool
    • Battery Operated Cutter
    • Cable Cutter
  • Sonel
    • Insulation Resistance Meters
    • Short Circuit Loop Measurement
    • Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter
    • Earth Resistance And Resistivity Meter
    • RCD Meter
    • Thermal Imager
    • Low Resistance Measurement / MicrOhm Meter
    • Power Quality Analyzer
    • Electrical Appliance Tester / Safety Of Electrical Equipment
    • Voltage Tester
    • Clamp Meter
    • Multimeter
    • Megger
    • Tower Footing Resistance Meter

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